Mr. Matt as a World Problem

Okay, so you thought you are the only Mr. Matt addict in the whole world? Look at the map below; it illustrates how Mr. Matt is becoming a worldwide problem. (The December, 2004 update to the map added, among others, The Cocos Islands; try to find them!)
Brown denotes the countries whose major or official language is supported by Mr. Matt and which registered the program (I don't count the complimentary copies); yellow language support only, and green registrations, but no language support (yet).

The icons show locations of the game contributors, whose games are accessible from the Mr. Matt Extra Games Page.

The U.S., as always, went under first and is beyond any hopes of recovery, but Europe, Canada and Australia are in not much better shape. (By the way: don't listen what anyone says, see for yourself where Europe ends!). Germany has the No. 2 spot, with U.K. not so far behind. Netherlands is a small country with a large number of Mr. Matt registrations; people there buy software they use, with Russia — just the opposite. In general, the former Soviet Union, the Arab countries, and most of Africa are successfully resisting the invasion. (The registrations in the Middle East, except for Israel, come from American expats.)

In the U.S. the epidemy spread to all states except of North Dakota (I just checked, after all those years; I suspect nobody actually lives there!). California and Florida seem to be affected most, but I know of a at least two schools in Texas where Mr. Matt is used to teach computer literacy.

Interestingly enough, more than 50% of registrations in the last four years came from women. I have no data about the split between Democrats and Repoublicans, though.

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