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Mr. Matt solution playback file
You can use the solution file posted here to have Mr.Matt complete a level all by himself (with the [Game | Show Solution] menu option). This feature is available only in registered copies of the program.
[Download] - Merged file of all available solutions
Note: To use this file you need Version 3.25 or higher; if yours is older - update now!
Installation: Download the file to your computer. Do not unzip it, just run Mr. Matt. In the File menu, click on "Install" and "Solution file". Exit mr. Matt, and run again. (Instead of that you may choose to unzip the file manually to the Mr. Matt folder, while the program is not running.)

After you do this, the .sox file will be merged into mrmatt.sol (only the improved solutions will be added!) and automatically deleted.

For unregistered copies of Mr. Matt, here are the walk-throughs for the two most difficult levels among those included with the program. Please don't ask me for hints for other levels, I'm not able to provide them...
Level 6 of "Try This!"
It is easiest to end this level at the top right. Here are the steps: (1) Clean up bottom left without blocking the exit to bottom center. (2) Drop two stone pillars at the left, clean up top left, exit to bottom center through bottom left. (3) Clean the botton right and return. (4) Through a narrow opening enter top center, clean it up. (5) Unblock access to top-right and eat all apples there layer by layer, from the bottom up and from left to right. Done.
Level 7 of "Try This!"?
You cannot eat all the apples in the bottom-right room and still leave that area. This means that you have to eat your last apple there. The only winning sequence I was able to discover was as follows: (1) Clean up the bottom left and top left, (2) Clean up the center, trying to move as many stones as possible to the left side, (3) Clean up the top right, being careful not to block your access to the bottom right, and finally (4) Clean up the bottom right, completing the game there. Good luck!

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