Mr. Matt

A Mean Brainteaser for All Ages

Here is the current version of Mr. Matt, a game for any 32- or 64-bit Windows.


mrmatt-inst.exe Mr. Matt Version 3.54, 2008/06/16

This is a self-extracting installation of Mr. Matt; the easiest way to have it on your computer in a minute or so. Just read the note below downloads.

[Download] The same version packed as a zip archive

If you prefer to install Mr. Matt by manually unzipping files (and if you know how to do it), here is just a zip file. Unpack it into any folder, preferably on top of the previous version.

Make sure that your unzipper preserves the directory structure! (If you are using WinZip, check the [Use directory names] box; most other programs do it by default.)

Under Windows Vista, 7, and 8, Mr. Matt may experience a problem when trying to save user data or game files to disk: Windows (in its default, idiot-proof setup) does not allow an application to create or modify any files inside its own folder if it is nested inside Program Files or Program Files (x86). This limitation can be lifted by changing Windows settings, or Mr. Matt can be simply installed elsewhere.

Note: Mr. Matt registration keys are not currently available until further notice. If you used PayPal to procure a registration, please cancel the payment. When the full functionality is again available, a notification will be posted here.

Privacy and spyware notice: Mr. Matt respects the fact that your computer is your computer. It does not install any memory-resident programs persisting beyond the time you are playing the game, and it does not place or modify any files outside of the folder where it is installed. The only trace it leaves on your system is two entries in your Registry, used for licensing purposes. The program also does not access the network (local or Internet) behind your back: it will only launch your Web browser when you explicitly ask it to go to the Mr. Matt Web page.

(I'm feeling ridiculous providing this explanation: this is what one should expect from any application. Unfortunately, these principles are not observed any longer by many software vendors.)

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