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This page offers support for playing Mr. Matt in languages other than English. I am assuming that you are running Version 3.50 or higher of the program; if this is not the case, go back to the Mr. Matt page and get the newest version.

Sorry, at this time I am not adding (or accepting) any new translations — until further notice.

Installation: To install a new language (or more than one), download the selected zip file(s) from the list below to your computer (do NOT unzip them!), then run Mr. Matt. In the File menu, click on "Install" and "Language files". Exit Mr. Matt, run again, and enjoy.

Languages using the International character set

Languages from this group use the Microsoft International (pan-European) character set supported by Windows XP and Vista and require no additional resources except the proper .mml file from the list below.

You usually do not need the resources from page if the language you want to use is English, German, French or Spanish. Support files for these languages are included in the basic Mr. Matt distribution archive; just use the [Options | Language] submenu to switch between languages. Still, the translation posted here may be newer than the one included with your copy of Mr. Matt.

At present the following language files are available in this group:

  1. Bulgarian by Irina Savvaidu
  2. Croatian by Josip Sinkovic
  3. Czech by Miloslav Neuzil (v3.30, 2005/04/25)
  4. Danish by Ole H. Nielsen and Aegir Hugason
  5. Dutch by Marcel Hoevenaars
  6. Finnish by Ezuli (v3.25, 2004/12/10)
  7. French by Anonymous (v3.51, 2007/02/25)
  8. German by Klaus Wohlrab and Marcus Hermann (v3.51, 2007/02/25)
  9. Greek by Lefteris Evmorfopoulos and Panagiotis Savvaidis
  10. Hungarian by Herczeg József Tamás and Bálint Zoltán (v3.51, 2006/02/25)
  11. Icelandic by Aegir Hugason
  12. Indonesian by Hendri Budi
  13. Italian by Roberto Vormittag
  14. Norwegian by Tor Chr. Aure
  15. Polish by yours humbly (v3.51, 2007/02/25)
  16. Portuguese by Daniel Falleiros and Aegir Hugason
  17. Romanian by Bálint Zoltán (v3.25, 2004/01/14)
  18. Russian by Mila & Sasha, and Alex Shustov
  19. Slovak by Miloslav Neuzil (v3.30, 2004/04/25)
  20. Slovene by Robbie (v3.53, 2007/05/23)
  21. Spanish by Moisés Rafael González Rodríguez (Tenerife) (v3.51, 2007/02/25)
  22. Swedish by Leif Larsson and Jorgen Stromqvist (v3.25, 2003/05/15)
  23. Turkish by Hasan Yurtoglu and Panagiotis Savvaidis (v3.25, 2004/12/10)


And yes, we have got two Chinese translations. Because I don't have a Chinese Windows, I'm not able to verify how they work, but the translators say everything is just fine when you put Chinese.mml into the mml\ folder and then run the program as usual (at least when using the Chinese Windows).

  1. Chinese (Simplified) by Zhang Rong Xin. This is the version of Chinese fonts used in China.
  2. Chinese (Traditional) by Xiaoyong Li (posted 2002/01/20)
    This is the version of Chinese fonts used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some other places.

What does not translate

The translation file changes all Mr. Matt user interface text into a given language, with three exceptions.

  • The opening splash screen is always shown in English. The reason is that the screan loads before the language is loaded, to speed up the startup process. Changing this is simply not worth the hassle.
  • Game and level names always stay as they were assigned by the game author.
  • The menus to switch between graphic or sound sets, or between languages, stay in English. This is because these items can be user-defined, and the program builds the menus while it is already running, based on files or folders found.

If you insist on having "Apples", "Pumpkins" (graphics), or "Classic" (Sound) in your language, you will have to manually rename the folders in "img\big\", "img\smal\", and "wav\" directories. In the same way, you may rename the .mml files inside of the "mml\" directory.

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