Extra Goodies: Sound and Graphics

Here you will find extra sound and graphics files for Mr. Matt. These files are provided by your fellow game players. They work only with registered copies of Mr. Matt.

As no registrations are being issued at this time, you will be able to use these files only if your copy already has been registered. Sorry.

Installation: To install a new graphics or sound set, download selected zip files to your computer (do NOT unzip them!), then run Mr. Matt. In the File menu, click on Install and then on Graphics files or Sound files. Exit Mr. Matt, run again, and enjoy.


[Download] mrm-spr-heidi-1.zip    Seven (yes, seven!) large graphics sets by Heidi B. from South Carolina. The author says she was terrorized into doing this by her two daughters, who happen to be avid players... All these sets are pretty, and some just georgeous. And yes, Mr. Matt is wearing a skirt in Matt-Ilda! (posted 2001/06/24)
[Download] mrm-spr-candy.zip    two sets (large and small) by Miloslav Neuzil from the Czech Republic (updated 2001/03/12)
[Download] mrm-spr-tomatoes.zip    a small-sized set by Liz Lewis from the state of Washington (posted 2000/11/27)
[Download] mrm-spr-beer.zip    in this one (large size), designed by Klaus Wohlrab from Germany, Mr. Matt is drinking beer instead of eating apples (posted 2000/09/25)
[Download] mrm-spr-aboriginal.zip    the first user-defined graphics set (large) for Mr. Matt, by Ian Bleys from Australia; especially readable on not-too-bright monitors (posted 2000/07/24)


[Download] mrm-snd-funky.zip    yet another one by yours humbly (posted 2001/03/12)
[Download] mrm-snd-lame.zip    a scheme complementing those included with the program (posted 2001/03/12)
[Download] mrm-snd-klaus.zip    a sound scheme in German, by Klaus Wohlraub (posted 2000/09/25)

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