Extra Game Files for Mr. Matt

767 games, 3964 levels
From here you can download additional games for Mr. Matt (in addition to the ten games coming with the trial version).

These games will work only with registered copies of Mr. Matt, Version 3.50 or later of the program; if your copy is older, update now.

Unfortunately, I am currently not offering any new registration keys, so only the current registered owners will be able to use these game files.

If the pack contains some game files you already have, the older versions will be overwritten there is nothing wrong with it.

The newest games are listed at the top.

The game authors are responsible for testing all levels for passability. Any game with a level which does not seem to have a solution will be deleted from the listing; it is recommended that a solution file is submitted together with the game (for my eyes only).

Installation instructions: Download one or more of the zip files listed below to your computer (do NOT unzip them, just leave the files wherever your Web browser left them), and run Mr. Matt. In the File menu, click on "Install" and "Mr. Matt games". Done.

If you prefer, you may unpack the zip files by hand, making sure that the files end up in the mat subfolder of the Mr. Matt installation directory.

mrm-gam-0806.zip — twenty game files added in June, 2008 (after a year's break you would expect at least that!):
  • Eighteen games by Ian Bleys (including his No. 200 contribution): Hard Tough Mother 07..22 (mostly tough, but also some easy and moderate), Number 200 (tough), and A Tribute 2 Wilbur Smith (tough again);
  • Two easy games by The Master: Izzy and Starting Out.
All games available for January 1, 2008 have been packaged in a single archive:
mrm-games.zip — 737 games, working only with registered Mr. Matt (this does not include 10 games distributed with the program).

Note: the zip archive contains also a file mrmatt-renamed.txt, used by the program to handle properly game files renamed in the past. Mr. Matt will unzip it to where it is needed (i.e., to the same folder where mrmatt.exe is installed); if you are unzipping the archive by hand, make sure that the file goes there.

The Game Writers
Mr. Matt is a user-supported effort; most of the extra games were written by program users like you. Here is the list of the contributors of 10 or more games:
Author From Games Levels
Ian Bleys Australia 201 919
Petrus Slovakia 180 921
Liz Lewis Washington, USA 66 374
Miloslav Neuzil Czech Republic 39 172
Vee Dell South Africa 33 203
Greg Garland Arkansas, USA 26 130
The Master Maryland, USA 22 113
Ralf D. Sweden 18 139
Joyce McEntire Arkansas, USA 15 67
Dave Baxter Texas, USA 14 77
Bruno Courty France 13 58
Anna Franken The Netherlands 12 97
Ippotis Greece 11 83
Bettie Prevost Michigan, USA 11 51
The complete list of game authors can be seen by clicking on [File|Game authors] when running Mr. Matt. (This, obviously, will show only games you have on your computer.)

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