The Works

Welcome to The Works, a collection of shareware and freeware
programs I wrote for Windows. The links below will lead you to pages with details on the individual programs.

Kalkulator The Mother of All Calculators for scientists and engineers
Midget The Kalkulator for the rest of us; tiny and smart
Spheric Spherical geometry calculator for pilots, sailors, and armchair travelers
Statmaster The simplest way to graph your data, recorded as a text table by another application (updated 2006/10/25)
Mr.Matt An addictive logic and strategy game (remember Boulderdash?)
UpSnoop Keeps track of your Windows uptime, keeps a watch on selected programs and restarts or kills them as specified (updated 2006/10/25)
QD Includer Allows you to include text files into multiple HTML pages, and not only
QD Metrics A handy C++ software metrics tool for developers
TestFPU Checks your system for the floating-point accuracy degradation problem
PolyAr A simple program to compute the area of a polygon
All these programs have been designed for the 32-bit Windows (i.e., 95...XP). Some of them are still available in Windows 3.1 version at my 16-bit download page.

I also still support my two older programs running on the HP LX100/LX200 palmtops; these are accessible from my HP Palmtop Corner.

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