Quick-And-Dirty C++ Metrics

[Download] qdmet.zip — QDMet for Windows (v1.01, 2004/05/27)
User manual available online (also included in the distribution).

QD Metrics (or just QDMet) is a program for quick-and-dirty metrics of C++ source code, addressed to software developers. It will crawl through a selected directory and all its subdirectories, if desired, and generate a detailed metrics report of all files it finds.

QDMet will count code lines, characters, and terminators (semicolons), with separate counts for comments and blanks lines. The full list of metrics generated by QDMet, and instructions how to run it, can be found in the User Manual.

The program runs as a console (command-line) application under any Windows from 95 to XP. It is copyrighted, but free to use for any purpose. It is clean, flexible, and simple to use.

I wrote QDMet out of desperation, being unable to find a decent, reliable, and easy to use free tool for this purpose. It is heavily used by the company I'm working for.

The distribution archive also includes a setup file, allowing to interface QDMet with the Statmaster data graphing tool, so that the results can be easily viewed in graphic representation.

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