This is a page with some resources for the users and programmers of HP LX Palmtops: 95LX, 100LX and 200LX. Since 1992, I found them handy, robust and dependable; it's a pity they are no longer made. Windows CE, with all its pizzas, is not capable of running "regular" DOS programs which are so easy to write and which take very little space; it also does not offer a choice of programming tools (and this does not seem to be improving with time).

Judging from the traffic here and from the email I'm receiving, the HPLX Palmtop, although not in production any longer, is still quite popular, especially among the technologically savvy users. I hope you will find the contents useful and/or interesting enough to come back.

  • Spheric/LX - a spherical geometry calculator and navigation aid
  • Ex/LX - a powerful scientific and engineering calculator

If you need more information regarding the HP LX series, or if you are looking for any software which I'm not listing here, you will do well starting your search from one of the following links:

  • The Palmtop Paper - a magazine devoted to the 95/100/200 LX with large collection of shareware, off-the-shelf software and accessories for sale
  • S.U.P.E.R (the the Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository) with maybe the best selection of HP LX shareware and freeware, and many links to related sites.

Please don't send me emails asking for the LX95 or LX100/200 connectivity kit. I don't even have it any longer, just moving my data via a PCMCIA card. Sorry.

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