Vintage Cameras

I'll be adding more pages to this section — but no promises, as most of my writing on photography focuses on current technology. Here is what's available now:
Here are a few pages on various vintage cameras which found home in my modest collection. Actually, I really collect only Exaktas and related equipment, but sometimes I find something not to pass by, so here it is.
  • Exakta — the one and only. This was the first 35 mm SLR ever made (1936-1970), and for many years the SLR to have.
  • Balda Jubilette from 1938, a cute 24×36 mm folder.
  • Start — the Russian Exakta? The first SLR I had (1963) and yes, it still remains usable.
  • FED, the first Soviet Leica clone, manufactured (where else?) in a prison colony.
  • Kiev, another Soviet clone, this time of Contax: a great design and terrible execution.
  • Stylus Epic, two Olympus classics from the Nineties, easy to use but capable of satisfying a demanding photographer.

    In 2013 this was moved from the Photo into the Vintage section; time flies. This was the first photography-related article posted on my site.

Reproduced from Ratgeber im Photographieren by L. David, 78th Ed, Wilhelm Knap, Halle, 1914

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