Vintage Cameras

Here are a few pages on various vintage cameras which found home in my modest collection. Actually, I really collect only Exaktas and related equipment, but sometimes I find something not to pass by, so here it is.
I'll be adding a pages to this section — but no promises, as most of my writing on phptpgraphy focuses on current technology. Here is what's available now:
  • Exakta — the one and only (15 articles). This was the first 35 mm SLR ever made (1936-1970), and for many years the SLR to have.
  • Balda Jubilette from 1938, a cute 24×36 mm folder.
  • Start — the Russian Exakta? The first SLR I had (1963) and yes, it still remains usable.
  • FED, the first Soviet Leica clone, manufactured (where else?) in a prison colony.
  • Kiev, another Soviet clone, this time of Contax: a great design and terrible execution.
  • Stylus Epic, two Olympus classics from the Nineties, easy to use but capable of satisfying a demanding photographer.

    In 2013 this was moved from the Photo into the Vintage section; time flies. This was the first photography-related article posted on my site.

Reproduced from Ratgeber im Photographieren by L. David, 78th Ed, Wilhelm Knap, Halle, 1914

Most of images shown in my Vintage Cameras are clickable, revealing a larger, more detailed version.

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