Here you will find a number of semi-technical articles, dealing with photography, mostly (but not only) digital. The most recent ones are listed at the top.

The Photo News — a commentary on what strikes my fancy in photography in general, plus a focus on Micro Four Thirds and Olympus.
The The OM-D line of Micro Four Thirds (μFT) cameras: finally, μFT done right? Yes, in spades. The most active area of my site. The Olympus E-System: the first digital SLR system built from the ground up. Now a closed chapter.
Photo Bytes — computers in photography: postprocessing, editing, storage, Web, software, hardware. . Nitty-Gritty: the often-overlooked, underestimated, or misrepresented technical aspects of photography.
Infrared photography with a digital camera: introduction, some hard data, and images. Taking pictures of the Moon with your camera (digital or not): technical advice, sample images.
Classic Exaktas: pages devoted to the first SLR camera using the 35-mm film (1936-1971). Vintage cameras: some oldies but goodies, some from seventy years ago, and (mostly) still running!
My digital photography articles written for the Quest — a newsletter of the Olympus Circle in the U.K. Olympus advanced digital compacts: C-5050Z, C-5060WZ, and C-7070WZ — no longer current but usable.
Olympus Camedia E-10 and E-20: a section on these digital classic SLRs with a personality. The Olympus Camedia 30x0 series (C-3000Z .. C-3040Z): an annotated review, plus a number of articles.
Simple Digital Compacts: small, inexpensive, but respectable. Two older Olympus models, one Canon, with a Sony Mavica thrown in. Bits and Pieces: articles which did not fit anywhere else. Some no longer current, some up-to-date, plus two April Fools' stories.

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