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Hi. My name is Andrzej (Un-jay) Wrotniak and this is my Web site. I've been running it since 1995 just for the fun of it, and for the pleasure of meeting people like you.

These pages focus mostly on two areas of interest which I am enjoying for a time longer than I care to admit: computers and photography. In particular, you will find a number of my freeware and shareware programs here, a gallery of photographs, and some technical articles on photography (mostly digital). Actually, the latter subject became predominant in the last five years or so, and it attracts most visitors.

Briefly about myself: born and raised in Poland, a physicist by education, until 1984 I taught physics and computer science at University of Łódź, Poland, also doing research work in cosmic ray physics.

Since 1984 I'm living in the States, working in the computer software industry. During five years with Hughes/STX I developed the mathematical algorithms for predicting conflicts between civilian aircraft, a part of the U.S. oceanic Air Traffic Control system. Every time you are flying over the North Atlantic or in the U.S. sector of the Pacific Ocean, my work helps to keep you safe. So far so good.

Since 1990 I work for the Aerospace Engineering, Inc., a small company in Maryland, currently as the Chief Scientist, doubling up as a software engineer. I am the person behind the AwSim Air Traffic Simulation system, and the technical lead and designer of the Attila airport optimization system.

In my spare time, in addition to computers and photography, I am also a homegrown expert on Bach's music, and an solid supporter of American microbreweries.

I'm glad to have you here. Stay for a while.

There was once a nice fellow from Crofton
Who was asked stupid questions too often
But instead of complaining
He found it entertaining
And his brain is beginning to soften.

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