Update History

New in Version 2.50 — 2005/08/14
  • Unit conversion now uses definitions in an external file, which can be modified by the user to add new units or unit categories.
  • Added user-defines physical constants from a file.
  • Improved algorithm used to round graph limits.
  • Balloon hints use the font as selected for the Preferences.
  • Fixed documentation: wrong formula for histogram goodness of fit (the program was using the right one).
New in Version 2.41 — 2003/09/15

New features:

  • A random number generator function rgam, sampling from the Gamma distribution.
  • User-defined functions may have descriptions attached, which will show as balloon hints.

Bug fixes:

  • Variable buttons now work as documented, i.e., inserting a variable into the Expression Line.
New in Version 2.40 — 2002/12/13
  • Cosmetic cleanup of the user interface.
New in Version 2.38 — 2002/01/23
  • Visual compatibility with Windows XP.
  • Premature clock display in Fit/Goodness operations fixed.
  • Loading of status files with different size graph fixed.
New in Version 2.37 — 2001/09/12
  • Bug fix: "Illegal functon name" is no longer erroneously reported in user-defined functions.
New in Version 2.36 — 2001/08/27
  • Maximum expression length has been increased to 320 characters or 160 elements (numbers, variables, operators) — registered version only.
  • Added "default" format setting in the display of variables, arguments, and statistical parameters.
  • Kalkulator now removes properly its fonts upon exit (no more error alerts when a new version is installed in a Windows session in which the previous version was running.)
  • A number of minor correctons and other changes in Help.
New in Version 2.35 — 2001/07/01

New features:

  • Points from outside a given range can be deleted from the Data Buffer.
  • Duplicate points (or partial duplicates) can be also deleted.

Minor improvements:

  • Coordinate readout has been provided in the Graph Window.
  • 0^0 now raises an error (instead of returning 0).
  • Subtle improvements to Gamma and factorial accuracy.

Bug fixes:

  • Storing polynomial roots in variables now works properly.
  • Index and Contents buttons in the Help have been restored.
New in Version 2.34 — 2001/06/07

New features:

  • Two interpolation functions added (linear and cubic spline).
  • Graphs can be drawn in a separate window.
Minor improvements:
  • User-selectable screen font.
  • More decimal digits in Variable Panel and in input dialogs.
Bug fixes:
  • Removed error reported in polynomial equations with three or four identical roots.
  • Coefficients from Polymomial Root Panel are now saved.
  • Added protection against illegal values in random generator reseeding.
  • Fixed the diagnostics given when an illegal value is entered.
  • Graph options are now remembered between sessions.
New in Version 2.33 — 2001/05/06
  • Maintenance update.
New in Version 2.32 — 2001/03/27
  • Some cosmetic touches; no bug fixes or changes in functionality.
New in Version 2.30 — 2001/03/15
  • Lots of internal re-engineering and cleanup. New menus.
  • New installation program. Registration system changed.
  • Option to use more readable hints added.
  • Bug fix in the Computer Math Window: cursor now moves freely in the 32-bit, binary mode.
  • NOTE: Registered users have to request a new registration key (free of charge) by sending email to andrzej@wrotniak.net, including name and registration number. Thanks.
New in Version 2.27 — 99/11/20 (32-bit only)
  • A jump to the Kalkulator Web page has been added to the Help menu.
  • Bug fix: no more space insertion when entering digits with mouse.
New in Version 2.26 — 99/11/15 (32-bit only)
  • User-defined functions now take up to four (not three) arguments: nice for distances between points, etc.
  • The program can be now minimized to a tray icon.
  • A bug crashing sometimes Kalkulator upon startup (non-registered copies only) has been fixed.
New in Version 2.22 — 99/03/21 (32-bit only)
  • The HOWTO.TXT tutorials have been updated. Some minor cleanups introduced to the program (no new features or bug fixes).
New in Version 2.21 — 99/03/08 (32-bit only)
  • Kalkulator now detects and works around a bug in some Windows configurations, affecting the accuracy of the processor's Floating Point Unit. It will also detect when the problem is fixed, and adjust itself appropriately.
New in Version 2.20 — 99/02/28 (32-bit only)
  • Added solving of systems of up to 9 ordinary diferential equations (ODE) of the first order.
  • The data file used to store Kalkulator status from one program run to another has been modified so that it will stay version-independent: no need to re-enter everything when you move to a newer version.
  • Help buttons have been added to all windows.
New in Version 2.19 — 98/11/06 (the final 16-bit release)
  • A bug (showing up only in the 16-bit version), not allowing to show a user-defined function, has been fixed.
New in Version 2.18 — 98/10/01
  • Data buffer can be read from a file containing an ASCII table with any number of columns, with X and, if applicable, Y assigned to any of them.
  • The number of displayed regression parameters has been fixed.
New in Version 2.16 — 98/06/09
  • Added support (32-bit version) for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Windows 95.
  • Fixed the bug (introduced in v2.14) which would not allow to do multiple function plots or to solve systems of non-linear equations.
New in Version 2.14 — 98/05/29
  • Added regresion of 0th degree (horizontal line at average y).
  • Fixed the bug in writing user functions to disk (registered version) and in the corresponding entries of the main pop-up menu.
New in Version 2.12 — 98/05/13
  • The result can be now displayed with a precision of up to 18 (not 16) digits.
  • The degree symbol key, marked by mistake as "\" in v2.11 is now OK.
New in Version 2.11 — 98/04/17
  • Improvements in numerical integration: for ill-behaved (spiked) functions the required accuracy is now reached much faster.
New in Version 2.10 — 98/03/23
  • Optimization (extremum search) of functions with up to nine arguments (downhill simplex method).
  • Fitting a population distribution with any distribution function with respect of up to nine free parameters.
  • Fitting a set of XY points with any regression function depending of up to nine free parameters.
  • The data buffer size has been increased from 6400 to 64000 (32-bit version only).
New in Version 2.01 — 98/01/19
  • Floating-point formatting cleaned up in data grids (in case anyone noticed...).
New in Version 2.00 — 97/12/22
  • Solving systems of (up to 9) non-linear equations with use of the Newton-Raphson method.
  • Goodness of fit for data distribution or regression.
  • User-defined functions may have up to three arguments.
  • A whole matrix (or vector) can be computed with use of an expression taking row and/or column indices as parameter(s).
  • A number of changes in the user interface.
New in Version 1.50 — 97/03/15
  • Double-clicking on the Result Variable is now equivalent to pressing the Enter key (evaluate and store in the displayed variable).
  • Fixed a bug in the new "Insert t" feature, inserting t always when the input is done with mouse.
New in Version 1.49 — 97/02/15
  • User-defined functions can now be loaded from, or saved to a disk file, to allow for creation of function libraries.
  • Clicking on the line number allows to jump to an expression line selected from a pop-up menu.
  • An option to insert the last result as "t" at the beginning of an expression starting from +, , * or / has been added; the Panel Options window has been appropriately modified.
  • Color is used in input dialogs to show the active entry field.
  • Sound effect at startup has been removed.
New in Version 1.48 — 97/01/31
  • More physical constants added; some of the old values corrected or made more accurate.
New in Version 1.45 — 96/12/26
  • A separate Result Variable is now assigned to every expression to make chained calculations (miniprograms) easier.
  • The Expression Line now stays highlighted after evaluation; any input will replace its contents.
  • Introduced an easier method to add a regression line to an existing graph canvas.
  • The graph Undo button now works as a toggle.
  • The tabbed pages (Function Panel, Variable Panel) have been reworked to provide better look and feel.
New in Version 1.42 — 96/11/20
  • A new feature: simultaneous function graphs for any combination of expression lines, with joint limit evaluation.
  • Internal tweak: Use of Windows' resources has been significantly reduced (important for Win3.1 users!).
  • New upgrade policy: no time or version number limitation.
New in Version 1.40 — 96/11/05
  • A major new feature: added the Computer Math Panel for computer arithmetics operations. Hex, decimal, octal and binary display, signed and unsigned mode, 8, 16 and 32-bit word length.
  • Added missing exponent in Boltzmann constant.
New in Version 1.31 — 96/08/29
  • Fixed the problem with sorting of the data buffer when not scrolled to the top (16-bit version)
  • Improved policy of setting default data directories (registered copies only)
New in Version 1.30 — 96/07/15
  • Fixed the problem with using multiple status (.kal) files.
New in Version 1.29 — 96/06/23
  • Bottom width limits for plot range intervals introduced.
  • "Stay on Top" option in the Mini Panel mode.
New in Version 1.28 — 96/06/12
  • The harmonic mean function now is defined properly.
  • Many small touch-ups in the program and the Help file.
New in Version 1.25 — 96/05/14
  • A minor improvement: autoscroll between expressions added as an option.
  • Lots of small touch-ups in the program and in the Help file.
New in Version 1.24 — 96/04/22
  • A new feature: finding roots of polynomial equations of up to the fourth degree.
  • A text file with step-by-step examples has been included.
New in Version 1.20 — 96/03/12
  • A major new feature: linear algebra — operations on vectors and matrices, solving of systems of simultaneous linear equations
  • Improved Data Editor, using a spreadsheet metaphor
  • Right-clicking on a variable button (or on a variable listing in the browser) shows its value with the full accuracy
New in Version 1.10 — 96/02/12
  • Fixed bug causing non-rounded display of some values describing log plot scale.
New in Version 1.09 — 96/01/14
  • Sound effects introduced.
New in Version 1.07 — 95/12/14
  • Expressions can be entered anywhere where numeric values are expected.
  • "Minimal layout" option added.
  • Physical constants added.
New in Version 1.04 — 95/11/25
  • Workaround around a compiler problem affecting user functions.
Version 1.00 — 95/11/11
  • The original release.

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