Pictures of the Week (1)

For the last few years I used to post a Picture of the Week at every update of my What's New Page. Most often these were pictures not featured in any of my Gallery pages. Here are some.
City park in Lodz, Poland (1982, XD-5) Zoo in Lodz, Poland (1982, XD-5) Vines on a fence (1982, XD-5)
Downtown Annapolis, MD (2001, E-10) Kent Island, MD (2001, E-10) Bay Bridge, MD (2001, E-10)
A mountain stream in the Tatras, Poland (1999, 600si) Rafting down Dunajec River, Poland (2000, C-3000Z) A country fair in Southern Poland (2000, C-3000Z)
Colonial Williamsburg, VA (2002, E-20) Near Eastville, Virginia's Eastern Shore (2001, E-10) Catoctin Zoo, Maryland's Panhandle (2001, E-10)
Cleveland, OH (2000, E-10) Snow on Easter, Lodz, Poland (2001, E-10) Near Cass, West Virginia (2003, E-20)
On the Mall, Washington, DC (2003, E-20) The Niedzica Castle, Poland (2000, C-3000Z) Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (2002, E-20)
On a pumpkin patch, Maryland (2003, C-5050Z) Blooming cherries in Maryland (2001, E-10) At Homestead Gardens, Davidsonville, MD (2001, E-10)
The city square in Wloclawek, a small Polish town (2002, E-20) The Warsaw Old Town Square (2003, C-5050Z) A view from my friend's window in Warsaw (2002, E-20)
In the middle of nowhere, south-eastern Utah (1998, 600si) Western Tatras on the Polish-Slovak border (1999, 600si) A Pakistani truck, exhibited on the Washington Mall (2003, E-20)

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Pictures © 1982-2004 by J.Andrzej Wrotniak

Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes

Equipment: Minolta XD-5, Minolta 600si, OlympusC-3000Z, E-10, E-20, C-5050Z, and C-5060WZ
Images from film cameras (Minoltas) were scanned onto a Kodak Photo CD

Postprocessing with Corel Photo-Paint

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