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This page shows the recent changes and additions to the "old" parts of wrotniak.net, i.e., excluding the Photo section, which gets most of my Web traffic and has its own Photo News, updated more frequently. If you are here for my photography articles, go straight there...

December 7, 2013

Finally, I cleaned the older, non-photography parts of this site, especially The Works, where my shareware and freeware programs are posted.

As I don't have time or willingness to keep providing paid keys to my shareware, this option has been removed from all pages in the Works section. I can see, however, that the applications are still being downloaded, therefore as soon as I can get down to it (read: mid-January) I will make general-access, free keys to all programs, posting them on the respective pages. I apologize for not doing it sooner, but life can be busy.

My general-audience (i.e., non-technical) Gallery section gained recently a new page: pictures from the Grand Teton National Park. It is not really so well known outside of the North America, so if you are from another continent (but not only), you may want to have a look.

(Click on the picture to see a larger version)

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