These are descriptions, hints and practical information regarding places I've visited (in most cases a number of times) and which may be not too well documented in other sources. I am also enclosing some pictures.

Each of these places has something special, and I like them all.

I am not trying to follow a specific format in all these pages. Some of them are not much more than a series of pictures with loose remarks, some are more organized. Still, if you are considering a visit to one of the places I'm writing about, having a look may provide you with extra information to use. Armchair travellers may just glance at the pictures and enjoy.

Outer Banks, North Carolina: If you like long, empty (and driveable) beaches, warm weather, good seafood and simple life, consider Outer Banks for your next seaside vacation.
Tangier Island, Virginia: a strip of sand on the Chesapeake Bay, a different world, a different pace, and the darned best seafood I've ever tried. This place may change you.
Annapolis, Maryland: a historic state capital, dating back to the 17th century, becoming a popular Summer trip destination, and for good reasons. Besides, I live ten miles from here.
Playa del Carmen, Mexico: South of Cancun on the Mexico's Caribbean Coast. A beautiful beach, good food, friendly people and many attractions. As soon as you leave it you want to come back.
Hook, Hampshire (England): a small, very British town one hour by train from London. Nothing really special about this place, not much to see or to do, yet I like it.
More pages may follow one day; check this place from time to time.

I am not associated in any way with any of the commercial establishments mentioned or recommended here (except for leaving some money in all of them). Still, I'm quite picky about my food and drinks, so if I like a place, I'm not going to be shy about it.

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