C-5050Z, C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ

The last great compact cameras from Olympus

These articles are related to the C-5050Z, C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ cameras; the last cult compacts from Olympus; a line sadly abandoned afterwards. Some of them are still in use, delivering results better than many present-day compact cameras.


C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ

  • An annotated, technical review of the C-5060WZ, for those who want to know more than just the specs. Updated to be also applicable to the C-7070WZ (Updated 2005/10/01)
  • The C-7070WZ — a better '5060? What's new in this, very similar, model, and why did Olympus pull a plug on it? (Posted 2005/10/01)
  • The '5060 mode dial problem: what are the symptoms, and should you worry about it? Plus, a do-it-yourself repair procedure for those not faint in heart(Updated 2008/01/31)
  • C-5060WZ image samples, taken under varying conditions. (Updated 2004/06/20)
  • A list of accessories for the C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ, compiled from various sources and annotated. (Updated 2004/03/19)
  • Lens adapter tubes for the '5060 and '7070: why do you need them and what are your choices. (Posted 2004/11/07)
  • WCON-07C and TCON-17C: two Olympus attachment lenses for the '5060 or '7070, and how good (or bad) they are. (Posted 2004/03/22)
  • TCON-30C: Another Olympus attachment lens, with a 3x multiplier. (Posted 2005/09/06)
  • The B-HLD20 battery holder grip for the C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ: how does it look, how does it work, and is it worth $100? (Posted 2004/03/19)
  • Infrared photography samples from the '5060 (Updated 2004/11/11)
  • Fixed (dark) noise in the C-5060WZ: intro, discussion and samples. (Posted 2003/11/26)
  • Random noise in the '5060: a quick comparison shows it to be very much like in the '5050. (Posted 2003/11/30)
  • Depth of field tables computed for the '5060 and '7070. (Updated 2006/10/07)
  • Firmware upgrades for the '5060 available from Olympus — finally they've got it (almost) right (Updated 2006/04/16)
  • Jane's Irises — flower shots done with the '5060, some with fill-in flash. (Posted 2004/06/20)

Articles common to C-5050Z, C-5060WZ and C-7070WZ

  • Side-by-side comparison of the '5050 and '5060: is the new one really better? (Updated 2004/03/17)
  • Custom Mode Settings — this article shows an example of how you may use this, often underestimated, feature. Expanded for the C-5060WZ. (Updated 2004/03/20)
  • Four flash units working with the '5050 and '5060 or '7070, including two by Olympus; features, test shots, and some general information. (Updated 2004/01/11)
  • Tips and advice on using these cameras, based mostly on email I'm getting. (Updated 2004/05/10)
  • The 3200x2400 image storage mode: Is it worth bothering with? Article relevant only for the 5MP models: '5050 or '5060. (Posted 2003/06/04)
  • High-End Digital Compacts — brief specs for five such cameras, including models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony as of December, 2003. (Updated 2007/02/14)
  • The Olympus FL-36 flash works perfectly with the '5050, '5060, and '7070, offering TTL autoexposure, bounce, swivel, and full system integration: my #1 recommendation. (Posted 2005/07/24)
  • The Promaster 5750 DX dedicated, bounce-swivel flash for Olympus digital cameras. Yes, it works just fine! (Posted 2004/06/14)
  • A comparison of writing speeds to different memory cards. Surprise: the C-5060WZ is clearly slower than the 5050! (Updated 2006/09/07)
  • Use your C-5050Z like a Leica? — how to convert your camera into a street-shooter's dream. Expanded for the C-5060WZ/C-7070WZ. (Updated 2004/03/20)

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