Mexico's Caribbean Coast

This is the Mexican Caribbean coast: land of sky and sea, sandy beaches, small towns, trinket shops, good food, and welcoming people. This was our first trip there (1998), ater that we came back seven (?) more times.

Water taxi to Isla Mujeres The concrete beaches of Cancun El Pueblo Hotel in Cancun
Senora Gringa and her drink A beachside restaurant in Playa A basket of plastic fruit
Streets of Playa del Carmen
A hotel pool, Isla Mujeres Sunset at Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres, oceanside
Iguana at Ruina del Rey, Cancun The Missus and her shark friend At the La Tortuga center
Church interior near Valladolid Piste, main street A police station in Quintana Roo

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Pictures © 1998-2002 by J.Andrzej Wrotniak
Feel free to use them for any non-commercial purposes

Equipment: Minolta Dynax 600si, 20-35 mm Tokina and 28-135 mm Tamron zooms

Kodak negative and slide film scanned to Kodak Photo CD

Postprocessed with Corel Photo-Paint

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