Photographs, Poland, 1982-84

Here are some old pictures, taken when I still lived in Poland. I hope you will enjoy them; feel free to use the photos as you wish for any personal or educational purposes.

Right: A propaganda poster saying "Always Together", and propagating the Polish-Soviet unity (there was never such thing).

Too bad I could not find a defaced copy. [1984]

Łódź, the city where I was born and raised. The city square with the monument of General Kościuszko (who fought Russians in Poland and Brits in the American Revolution); the main street [1984]. ...and the poorer part of the city, which was much neglected under the Communist rule [1982].
City park in Łódź [1982,83].

(A 4:3 version of the picture in the middle is in my Picture of the Week gallery.)

Country walks in the city surroundings [1982].
Farmland in central Poland near Łódź [1982].

Note of 2004: A US-based reader of these pages writes:

...My grandmother lived in that wooden housing unit depicted in your picture. The house was burned down in the mid 90's ... I still remember coming to her house in the 80's and hanging out with the local kids. I remember carrying water to her apartment because it had no running water or plumbing. No shower either, just an outhouse...

Small world.

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Pictures © 1982-2002 by J.Andrzej Wrotniak
Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes

Equipment: Minolta XD-5, Minolta 50 mm F/1.7 lens
East German ORWO slide film scanned to Kodak Photo CD
Postprocessed with Corel Photo-Paint

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