Tajikistan, 1974

In 1974 I went to a physics meeting in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, then part of the Soviet Union. Most of the pictures I took there have been lost; I was lucky to find and salvage just a few.

For some was able to restore the colors, but not for all. This is why I did this gallery in monochrome; it also has more impact this way.

Technical Note: This is the first Gallery using my Flipper. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you, like before, to a full-screen image view, but now you can browse all images without going back to the Gallery page.

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Pictures © 1974-2017 by J.Andrzej Wrotniak.
Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes.

Gear used: Soviet-made Start SLR, 2.0/58 Helios 44 lens
ORWO UT 21 slide film scanned to 6 MP by Scan Cafe
Image postprocessing with monochrome conversion in Paint Shop Pro 20

In this picture: some of Russian, Tajik, Polish, and Japanese physicists, involved in the Pamir Experiment (cosmic rays).

Standing, left to right: Zbyszek Wlodarczyk, Alojzy Tomaszewski, Hanka Bielawska, Masanobu Tamada, Inom Bobodzhanov, Georgi Zhdanov, Sergei Slavatinsky, Fred Normuradov.

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Posted 2017/10/20 Copyright © 2017 by J. Andrzej Wrotniak.