This is Dominica in the Caribbeans (often confused with Dominicana, or Dominican Republic). We went there in 2011, looking for a less touristy place to explore. We were right: it was the most memorable Caribbean vacation we ever had.

Staying in the village of Calibishie, at the Calibishie Lodge (run by a couple of Belgian expats, recommended!), we rented a car with a guide/driver, a local calypso star. Webster (that's his name) is another story, too long to tell here: literate, tactful, considerate, protective, practical, organized, enjoyable and knowledgeable. He took care of everything, so we could focus on enjoying the time and taking pictures.

Dominica is not a typical Caribbean getaway: it has very few postcard beaches, no nightlife or all-inclusive resorts. One of the last unspoiled islands in the region, it has beautiful and diversified landscape, lots of wildlife, and just enough of modern amenities to survive comfortably. First of all, though, the welcoming and kind people you meet here — especially in Calibishie, where we would be the only non-locals touring the rum shops by night.


This gallery page is quite large — but Dominica is a photographer's island. Surprisingly, there are not many pictures from there on the Internet, and even fewer decent ones.

This is, more or less, the downtown of Calibishie
The Calibishie Lodge has six rooms and a view at the Main Road Farmland above the village
Near Calibishie
Roads in the northern part of the island
A road near Portsmouth Banana plantations Guadeloupe over a stretch of sea
Selling coconuts by the road An abandoned rum store Food in a local restaurant
On the roadside Fresh laundry Local school
Road to Batibou Beach, not far from Calibishie, and the beach itself
Grand Baptiste Bay, close to Calibishie...
...and the Red Rocks, overlooking it
The rocky shore nearby
More of the rugged northern coastline
A nice, secluded beach
This one was less accessible
Portsmouth in the north, where ships come to rest or to die
The main street in Portsmouth Up the Indian River
The beach in Portsmouth
Tropical forest in Cabrits National Park near Portsmouth Emerald Pool, Morne Trois Pitons NP
Dominica's lush interior Neglected cemetary
The capital, Roseau
The commercial center
This road goes from Roseau to Champagne Beach, with its iguana population and thermal springs...
...and then to Soufriere Bay, with a charming church...
...only to end at the village of Scotts Head, on the southern tip of the island

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Equipment: Olympus E-30, ZD 12-60/2.8-3.5 and 70-300//4-5.6 lenses.
Postprocessing with Corel Photo-Paint.

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