The Streets of Tokyo

Tokyo is a city people either hate or love. I'm in the latter group, feeling there better than in New York, London, or Paris.

This was my second there; the slides from the first one, twenty years ago, were hopelessly botched by the processing lab; this time I took my Olympus E-20 digital camera which has proven itself well — except that it is fairly heavy to carry around, especially with the auxiliary lenses. Well, I'm quite happy with the results. Have a look.

From the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, looking South From the lounge at the top of Keyo Plaza Hotel
High-rise buildings of Shinjuku West, Tokyo's Lower Manhattan
The Tokyo Metropolitan Building
Busy streets of Shinjuku East
Zillions of cabs... A train passing over Shinjuku Near the Harajuku train station
Trendy youths meeting in Harajuku, Tokyo's Greenwich Village
Street food in Asakusa An Asakusa side street Akihabara: all things electronic
The famous night lights of Shinjuku East
A restaurant alley in Shinjuku East A crowded street corner in Shibuya Working long hours in Shibuya

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Pictures © 2002 by J.Andrzej Wrotniak

Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes

Equipment: Olympus E-20; TCON-14B and WCON-08B attachment lenses
Image postprocessing with Corel Photo-Paint

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